Natural Hair Conditioning Oil


Natural Hair Conditioning Oil.

A wonderful combination of herbs and oils that helps to strengthen and condition the hair.  The plant medicine is gathered in the mountains of Northern Arizona and is used Traditionally by the Navajo for growing hair.  Usually it is mixed with water and applied directly to the hair using a spray bottle.  In our hair oil it is ground and infused directly into the oils.  A small amount is poured onto the balm of the hand and depending on the specific need either rubbed into the scalp for hair loss issues or gently massaged into the hair and dry ends.

Navajo herb for hair loss(Proprietary mix)

Organic Calendula leaves

Wild crafted Shea nut butter (Ghana West Africa)

Organic: Sunflower oil,Coconut oil , Jojoba oil, Avocado oil

Non-Organic: Almond oil, T-50 Vit. E oil

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