White Sage Massage Oil - Purifying


A pure massage experience, Sacred White Sage warms the body and heals your soul.

This massage oil is a blend of Pure Arizona sage brush, hand gathered from the South rim of the Grand Canyon and organic essential oil of White sage, distilled in Southern California.  The oils that form the base of this powerful partnership are Almond, Apricot, Kukui nut and Organic Jojoba.  This massage oil can be used therapeutically as well as daily for general body moisturizing.

The warming properties of white sage essential oil stimulate the senses and awaken the emotions.  It also helps to cleanse negative energy, thoughts and unwanted feelings.  Try some!  There is nothing else like it. 

Organic wildcrafted sage brush(Artimesia Tridentata)

Organic essential oil of White sage(Salvia Apiana)

Organic Calendula flower

Natural oils: Almond. Apricot Kernal, Kukui nut

Organic: Jojoba oilT-50 Vit. E oil

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