Pinon Sap Salve - Soothing


A natural antiseptic that relieves pain and promotes healing.


If I was going on a trip and could only choose one of our travel tins it would be the Pinon sap salve. I have found it to be almost indispensable. In the air, land, sea in the mountains or the jungle this salve will be there like your best friend or faithful dog. It will never fail you. Rub it on a burn, a skinned knee, sooth the sting of a wind burned face or apply to a boot rubbed foot after hiking all day. Carry and help family and friends they will inevitably turn to you with that knowing look “sorry to bug you, I know I should have got one too, can I borrow that salve again”. This small tin goes the distance it is very concentrated and only a small amount will do the trick.

I have found with burns that when applied the first time, the pain will go away and then return suddenly several hours later. If this happens just re-apply. It will also reduce scarring or keep scar’s from occurring all together.

This salve is also beneficial for helping to alleviate the symptoms associated with radiation burns. We have heard directly from people who are going through radiation therapy about the benefits they experienced while using this cream.

Pinon sap is gathered from the Pinon sap tree. It is as you can imagine not an easy substance to work with having a very “sticky nature”. For this reason it needs to be processed before it can be used in a cream or salve type product. For everything that goes into the making of this product and the incredible healing that it provides I think our price is very low. If the world new about this I doubt we could make enough.

Our relatives on the Navajo Nation use Pinon sap for many other purposes as well. It is really a tree that is in the heart of Navajo people. I am sure there are stories about this tree but I do not know them. Around every 7 years these trees produce nuts that are gathered, stored, roasted and eaten.

note*  for serious wounds or deep infections please seek medical assistance

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