Pinon Sap Cream - Soothing Moisturizer


Relieves pain or discomfort associated with sunburns, burns, cuts & scrapes


I remember as a kid we were always running around outside and getting burned by the sun. Somehow we never seemed to notice until it was too late. This was the 70’s and I am not sure what my mom treated us with, if anything. Our skin was red, inflamed and burned than it would peel for days, all very unpleasant. If we had had this cream made from the sap of the Pinon pine tree we would not have experienced a tenth of the suffering we went through. The Pinon saps antiseptic, healing qualities sooth and almost completely stops the pain of the burn. When combined with other ingredients like Shea butter and Organic virgin coconut oil the healing process is accelerated. It also greatly reduces or alleviates altogether the skin peeling that often accompanies a sun burn.

This cream is also beneficial for helping to alleviate the symptoms associated with radiation burns. We have heard directly from people who are going through radiation therapy about the benefits they experienced while using this cream.

Pinon sap is gathered from the Pinon tree. It is as you can imagine not an easy substance to work with having a very “sticky nature”. For this reason it needs to be processed before it can be used in a cream type product. For everything that goes into the making of this product and the incredible healing that it provides I think our price is very low. If the world new about this I doubt we could make enough.

Our relatives on the Navajo Nation use Pinon sap for many other purposes as well. It is really a tree that is in the heart of Navajo people. I am sure there are stories about this tree but I do not know them. Around every 7 years these trees produce nuts that are gathered, stored, roasted and eaten.

Pinon sap

Organic calendula flower

High grade bees wax

African shea nut butter

Organic oils: sunflower, Macadamia nut oil, Palm kernal oil and jojoba oils

T-50 vitamin E oil(naturally derived and suitable for use in Organic products).

Organic aloe vera gel

Kukui nut oil

Jojoba esters(wax form of jojoba)

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