Skin Healing Salve "UNIVERSAL"


Use to relieve pain of discomfort of minor or serious skin conditions.

I was asked by Phoenix Herb co. in Kansas city, a store that has been selling our products since 2008 if we could make a salve that contained Chaparral, Golden seal and Osha.  It has taken me nearly a year but it is finally almost ready(I am waiting on the new tins).  This salve helps to alleviate the symptoms of a wide variety of skin ailments. 

A few of the worst ailments that this mix of plant medicines helps to alleviate are Shingles, Herpes and Hemorrhoids.   It is not a cure but can reduce pain, itching and speed healing process.



Wild crafted Chaparral (Larrea Tridentata) or Greasewood

Osha (ligusticum porter)

Goldenseal (Hydrastis canadensis)


Organic Calendula flower


African Shea nut butter


Wild crafted organic Jojoba oil


Organic oils: Sunflower, Coconut, Avocado


Non organic oils: Kukui nut


Preservative: T-50 Vitamin E – A high quality all natural mixed tocopherol


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