Sage Lavender Cream - Calming Moisturizer


Wild crafted Sage & Organic Oregon grown Lavender oil

Our face and body cream is not what you might find on the shelves of your nearest department store.  It is made from pure Organic & natural ingredients, no chemicals allowed.  This makes us different than what you might be used to, of course this might also mean that this is exactly what you are looking for.  The main difference besides the lack of chemical and synthetics is that you use less of our cream, especially when applying to the face.  Bee's wax takes some time before absorbing into the skin. 

This is actually a benefit to most of us for it adds a protective layer that helps to seal our natural moisture in.  There are many types of sage.  The one we use is commonly called Sage Brush and we gather the leaves from near the South rim of the Grand Canyon.  After drying, the leaves are ground and infused into hot oil that is than mixed with the rest of the ingredients we use.  The use of plant medicines in our products brings a positive energy or “SPIRIT” that can be felt. I hope you enjoy this cream. It was brought back be customer demand.

infusion of fresh ground Wild crafted Arizona sage brush

Organic Oregon grown lavender oil

Organic Calendula flower

pesticide FREE bees wax

African shea nut butter

 Organic Aloe Vera

Organic oils: Sunflower, Coconut, Palm Kernal, Macadamia nut and Jojoba

Non-Organic, Natural Apricot Kernal, Jojoba esters, T-50 Vitamin E oil(Naturally derived Tocopherol)

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