Palo Santo Balm "PROTECTION" .75oz


"HOLY WOOD" Spiritual Cleansing & Protection

 I carry this balm with me wherever I go.  The image on the tin and the smell of the Palo Santo has a very positive effect on me.  Jaguars are very powerful animals and can be good or bad depending on there personalities, kind of like us humans.  Some of the one's that I have encountered via the spirit world are full of love and affection.  For most of us our paths can be full of many challenges.  For me the everyday fight has slowly turned from struggle to harmony.  It is great to find peace and love for oneself and the world.  It is my hope that this sacred medicine distilled from the branches of a tree will help light your way as well.

Rub onto temples or just lips and base of nose or just inhale the scent.  Palo Santo is very strong when concentrated into an essential oil so be careful not to apply to much to sensitive areas like the face.

I have used Organic Caranuba wax instead of Bees wax so this balm is Vegan.  As a note; Caranuba wax almost feels a little rough at first touch but turns very soft as soon as it touches the skin. 

This balm also contains Cupuacu butter also known as rainforest cocoa butter.

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