.75oz. Insect Bite Salve -Relief

Alleviates Pain, Swelling & Itch of Insect Bites

Rub a small amount into affected areas.



Alleviates pain, swelling and itch of insect bites. The Navajo herbs (proprietary blend) in this salve reduce the pain and swelling of insect bites



When I was getting ready for my trip to the Peruvian Amazon I made sure I had packed a travel tin of our insect bite salve. This remedy contains a proprietary blend of traditional Navajo herbs and has come in handy many times. The main herb in this salve is used specifically for spider bites but is also beneficial in treating many other bites as well mosquito being chief among them.


Many of our customers have shared their experiences of spider bites that would not heal until they used our salve. In Navajo way a serious spider bite is often treated with a preparation of the fresh plant applied directly to the affected area, a tea is sometimes also taken of the same plant and a prayer is also made as well. This is done in cases where a Medicine person has “seen” that it is necessary.

Some people react more to insect bites than others. For instance I am immune to mosquito bites on my whole body accept for my feet while other people experience swelling, itchy red bumps when ever or wear ever they are bitten. If you are one of the people who have moderate to strong reactions from insect bites than you should consider buying a tin of this medicine you will be happy you did.

When a person receives a bad bite, poison can sometimes be seen coming from the entry point of the stinger. It is advisable to wash the bite area before applying the salve. If the pain does not subside within 5 minutes or so just reapply. Some bites take several applications before the pain or itching subsides.

***This salve is also helpful in treating ant and bee stings.

Proprietary blend of Traditional Navajo herbs

Organic Calendula flower

Pesticide free bees wax

African Shea nut butter

Organic oils: Sunflower, coconut and wild crafted Jojoba

T-50 Vitamin E oil(Natural)

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